“Bodegones” is the latest series of works presented by Cora at the Jorge Mendez Gallery in Palm Springs, CA. More than 20 of his most recent paintings, characterized by his unique style and technique, maintaining a consistent identity and using rich colors in a minimalist style. 

Born in Nayarit, Mexico in 1951, Cora is a self-taught painter and sculptor who began painting with oils on canvas and then with acrylics and enamels. He was able to build a reputation as a formidable painter in his late teens. He knew he wanted to be a painter after seeing a print of Monet’s “Water Lilies” in his aunt’s pharmacy where he worked when he was thirteen. 

Cora was named after Vladimir Lenin by his father, a saddle maker and avid follower of politics. His development as an artist has not experienced serious changes in direction or transition from one style to another. His painting technique is expressionist, coarse and spontaneous. His use of light and color shows influence from master painter Rufino Tamayo, whom he met in 1978 and remained his student from then until his mentor died in 1991. Since then, Cora has risen to the heights of his teacher.