Jorge Mendez - Gallery DirectorJorge Mendez

Jorge Mendez grew up and has lived in several countries in Latin America. From a very young age, he was exposed to an eclectic community of artists – fostered by a grandfather who was a self-taught artist. Early on, Jorge revealed a great passion for art and quickly developed a keen eye – distinguishing nuances in color, form, technique and execution. During his early twenties, he moved to Miami, FL where he was further influenced by a flourishing Cuban and Colombian art community. Separating his heart from his head, Jorge pursued and earned a degree in Finance at the University of Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. His strong business acumen, combined with a fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese culminated in a position where he interfaced with law firms throughout Latin America. Through it all, it was his passion for the arts that kept calling him back home.

Always an admirer and collector of art, he decided to abandon his financial profession and pursue his passion through the development of the Jorge Mendez Gallery. Jorge’s vision for his gallery is to specialize in Contemporary Art – bringing unrepresented artists and their creative genius to a broader marketplace.

“When selecting art, above all else, buy what you love. Buy works that complement your aesthetic and, by their mere presence, bring a thought or a smile to you. Don’t be afraid of color, and be sure to size the objects for your space. The most common mistakes I see are undersized art, noncomplementary frames, and inadequate lighting. Your art should be an expression of who you are and what you like — and less about décor, to match a hue in a rug or sofa. Let your art lead the dance and fill your heart with joy.

The gallery collaborates with well-established artists and emerging talent in more than a dozen countries. We are a bridge – connecting artists and patrons – with me as the able interpreter representing the artists, translating their works and assisting customers and collectors to own a unique piece of art“ - Jorge Mendez