Charles Kibby and Taylor Kibby are father and daughter duo exhibiting for the first time together. 

Charles devoted his career to the restoration of histori structures. He also continues with his original focus of artistic and sculptural efforts, and at times used materials (stone and terra cotta) salvaged from previous historic restoration projects, such as stone from the Oakland City Hall seismic upgrade and restoration, as well as several other notable structures. This also allowed him to devote his current efforts on his sculptural work, which still emphasizes the use of stone as a primary material.  He has expanded this sculptural effort to include the development of lighting fixtures using stone as the principal medium for transmitting light.

Taylor is a ceramist located in Los Angeles, CA. After receiving her MFA in Applied Craft + Design in 2018, from a joint program between PNCA and OCAC, in Portland, OR she moved back to Southern California to focus on sculptural exploration and installation.Centered on creating objects that encourage tactile sensual engagement, Taylor's process is about experience and awareness. Through weight, texture, surface, and sound Taylor’s work inspire close investigation and consciousness of surroundings.